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17 April 2023
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17 April 2023 James - US Sports Travel

US Sports Travel and Pro-Excel join forces to launch new concept, Dance Miami.

We are proud to have been appointed as the official and exclusive travel partner to UK based dance organisation Pro-Excel. Here is a little more detail about the partnership, the project itself and plans for expansion!

How did we meet?

Our two companies came across one another as we both attended the Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins NFL game in November 2022 with our respective groups. Pro-Excel had a group performing pre-game in the plaza outside the stadium and we had a group over from the UK enjoying the game preceded by the customary tailgate party in the parking lot. I then met with Matt from Pro-Excel via zoom shortly afterwards and we sowed the seed on our partnership!

Who are Pro-Excel?

Pro-Excel is run by two brothers from Manchester, Liam and Matt O’Reilly. Liam started the company 21 years ago with a vision to provide incredible dance experiences at sporting events for youngsters from all across the UK. There is no doubt his vision has come to light…and some! Pro-Excel have choregraphed performances from Silverstone to Wembley to the new Tottenham Hotspur, and all places in-between! At their most recent show, over 1,000 young dancers performed at the Saracens vs Harlequins game in Tottenham in what was a tremendous success!

As soon as the sporting event is procured, the dancers are then recruited from the large array of academies and schools that Pro-Excel work with, once the places have been filled then Pro-Excel’s professional choreographers take the dancers through a programme lasting a number of months, culminating in the main event itself!

As soon as we met, we were blown away by Liam and Matt’s passion for what they do, they’re driven by creating such unique opportunities for young people, for enhancing their lives through the power of performing. Our companies ethos of exceptional customer service and attention to detail is aligned with that of Pro-Excel and we couldn’t be happier to collaborate on such an exciting project!

What is Dance Miami?

Pro-Excel have now expanded across the pond and after impressing the Dolphins with a more intimate performance last year, have been asked to take as many as 175-200 dancers to a game for the NFL season to showcase their skills in-front of thousands of fanatical sports fans! What an incredible opportunity for these young people to create memories, make new friends and enhance their skills in a world class sporting environment.

Dance Miami does not just stop at the Dolphins in 2023.  We plan on returning for a Major League Baseball experience with the Miami Marlins in the spring of 2024 too and of course, making the Dolphins trip an annual event. We will be working with various elite sporting franchises over the coming years as we grow this concept side by side with Pro-Excel.

The first trip later in 2023 will be four nights and five days, with the package including the base aspects such as flights, resort accommodation (everyone will be under one roof), transfers, tickets and staff. There will also be ‘party on the beach’ allowing a full run through of the performance. We will also head over and spend time with the Dolphins cheer squad and game-day event team for a rehearsal at the training facility, which sits next to the stadium itself! Other events will include a welcome evening and end of trip awards ceremony…with a twist!

We haven’t forgotten about the chaperones and family members either, as we look after them and can package family members trips bespoke and can help with additional things to do whilst out in Miami too.

Plans to grow this concept throughout South Florida are well under way. As a company, we work with cities and sports team all across the USA and in good time, will be introducing the idea further afield. But for now, it’s all hands on deck to create the trip of a lifetime for all those dancers, chaperones and families!


If you are interested to know more, then please do reach out to us directly!



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